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Creating XR REsources

At the Public VR Lab we teach workshops, institutes, and classes at our Brookline/Boston-based location, and offer customized classes and day-longs throughout the country and abroad. Sign up to receive info about our class offerings or receive a custom quote or register here for a current class.

In the meantime, learn from the Lab’s tutorials, videos, presentations and special events and the generosity of the XR Community below through these helpful links and resources!

From our first Meetup in 2016 with Frontline’s VR team to our 2017 VR Ecohack to our founder’s recent podcast interview with Kent Bye, we are learning and sharing what we know and growing our network and resources for the field of Community XR.

Check out these Ambisonic audio tutorials from our team: Pickup Stix in the first ever Barbershop Quartet ambisonic recording that demostrates ambisonic audio in 360, or our Ambisonic Audio for Youtube 360 Videos in Premiere Pro - Advanced Tutorial.


WebVR TUtorials & Resources

A new generation of headsets and sensors on mobile phones are making virtual reality more accessible than ever. But learning how to create your own VR experiences can be tricky. Thanks to Glitch for this helpful tutorial on WebVR which is the most accessible way to view and to create VR experiences.

Check out this WebVR Starter Kit with Mozilla using A-Frame to walk you through creating your first VR experience. By combining how-to videos with working code examples that you can remix, you can learn the theory and go straight to trying it out yourself.

XR Blogs & Sites: Learn about XR Headsets, Hardware, Software & Trends

Voices of VR: Kent Bye has recorded over a 1000 interviews with leading XR experts over the past five years, including one recently with our founder, Kathy Bisbee.

The Ghost Howls (Super user site with industry, developer and user reviews)

VR Scout (industry news)

Mozilla (WebVR- free & open source tools)

Social VR


High Fidelity


Our XR Partners, Funds, Startups, Festivals & Conferences

Boston VR

Virtual World Society

Women in XR Fund


Sundance New Frontiers

Augmented World Expo (AWE)

MIT Open Doc Lab


Please email us to be added to this list or add your organization to our Community XR database!