Upcoming Classes & Events at the Public VR Lab

Just announced! Apply to our Fall 2019 Internship or Fellowship programs here.

Fall 2019

BIG & The Public VR Lab have Unity, 360 production, VR Storytelling, 360 Storytelling, podcasting, Tiltbrush 3D artmaking for kids and more available this fall. Check out our classes link for our full schedule!

Public VR Lab highlight reel The Public VR Lab, a project of Brookline Interactive Group, is building a broad network for a Community VR/XR movement that facilitates public dialogue; provides professional training to youth and adults; empowers community knowledge and creation of 360, virtual and augmented content; offers access to tools, headsets, XR toolkits, and free and low-cost professional expertise to the public as well as libraries, arts, cultural and media organizations; and generates locally-focused, globally impactful, XR experiences in the public interest.