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A new field for Community-based VR, AR, MR & 360 (XR)


Join the Public VR Lab in building a new field for Community XR. Help us assure that public access to VR/AR content, tools, best practices, equipment, and virtual literacy* grows!

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The Public VR Lab is building a field of community-based XR practitioners, educators, makers, filmmakers, and cultural producers, (libraries, museums, arts, historians, filmmakers, media and cultural organizations) who are working in the public and community interest. To that end, we are creating a centralized map and a database of Community XR projects taking place around the country and internationally in order to help connect like-minded folks to each other.

If you are (or your organization is) currently working on a project, a program or content that fits within the realm of Community XR, please fill out this form. We appreciate your help as we put this project together, which will be publicly accessible.

If you’re interested in applying to become a partner in our Arrival VR immigration/migration immersive storytelling project, email Kathy at and read through the project description and technical guidelines here:

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See the map of Community XR affiliates around the world here.

We’ll then add your location to our Community XR map!

Please share any XR resources, links, tutorials, content and work that you’ve found helpful in building the field and we will add it to our public database coming soon. Visit us on Twitter, Facebook, Insta or join our FB Community XR group here.