Building a field for Community XR through accessibility, best practices, training, low-cost equipment & community

Our Mission:


The Public VR Lab is building a new field for Community XR through accessibility and digital inclusion, best practices, low-cost training, equipment and co-created traditional/emerging media content designed to facilitate community dialogue, media literacy, and VR/AR education in the public interest.

Apply for our 2019 fall internships for high school and college students, or for our upcoming cohort of Community Media & XR fellows.


The Public VR Lab assures that access to these new tools and worlds belong to all creators from all backgrounds; that all voices are heard within XR, and that the next generation of creative voices is diverse, inspired, and included in the new emerging media and spatial computing world.

XR is being used for storytelling, journalism, experiences, art, games, maps, empathy, meditation, military, education, government, science, travel & healing, and more. 

VR/XR offers an IMMERSIVE way to experience MEDIA CONTENT. Instead of being a passive viewer, you are a CHARACTER inside of the experience, story or game. It offers you CHOICES & AGENCY and a different PERSPECTIVE & EMBODIED cognition. 

We like to share this: VR isn’t “Star Trek” (though, you can actually teleport to different places!). It is not just for games. It is here, and being used by every key sector & by every age group. Join our community to learn more!

United Nations Environmental Assembly

Our Mission

Grounded in the long history of public access television and community media providing the public with access to media tools and training, storytelling, journalism and local government transparency, Brookline Interactive Group, and its project, the Public VR Lab, are bringing our accessibility, education, media training, digital inclusion, and free speech work into the XR space.

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Our Impact

The Public VR Lab is building a new field for Community XR, supporting the next-generation of creators, makers, and arts, cultural and media arts organizations through best practices, hands-on training, low-cost equipment & VR toolkits, and mentorship.

Over the past four years we’ve organized the first VR Eco Hackathon on climate change, developed, trained trainers, and demo’d VR storytelling content to hundreds of world leaders the United Nations Environment Assembly, trained traditional media makers and educators from Boston Globe journalists to students, filmmakers and librarians in five different U.S. cities to create XR content in seven different XR tools, and developed our own immersive content and immersive art installations in the public interest.

BIG & the Public VR Lab collaborated with the STAT news team at the Boston Globe

Featured at Hubweek in 2017.



Youth and adults trained in Traditional & emerging media

We train and support youth to be successful in the creative economy through our Arts2Work, job training, workshops, classes, internships, conference sessions, and hands-on spatial computing and creative arts training programs, including our support of Brookline High School.



Ways we train makers to create VR/AR Content & VR/AR Equipment Available for Checkout

We provide multiple ways to learn to create content in VR/AR, and low-cost equipment, classes and week-long institutes for media makers, educators, administrators, creators and advocates.



Creators, educators, Leaders & MEdia Professionals Trained

We provide access to traditional and emerging media tools, VR toolkits for arts and media organizations, and best practices for creating digital inclusion and access to XR.


Community XR Partner

Matt Schuster, Executive Director, Public Media Network, Kalamazoo, MI

Building a Field for Community XR

“Community XR/VR is an important part of our work moving forward in providing the community with accessible tools to amplify their voices.  Immersive Storytelling is a natural extension of our work. PMN is excited about the opportunity Community XR/VR presents for increased impact and future sustainability.  The VR Toolkit is making it easy for us to get started.”



Our Programs

We provide PUBLIC ACCESS to Virtual Reality technologies (VR, AR, MR. ,360, etc)

Learn what VR is, how it can be used, and the future of media through hands-on experience of emerging media at the Public VR Lab. The Lab provides educational programs for the public, training and equipment for educators and media makers, and creative economy job training in immersive tech for adults and youth.


Access & Digital Inclusion

The Public VR Lab was the first publicly-accessible XR content creation lab and training center in the U.S., beginning its work in 2015. We continue to lead and join voices everywhere in promoting digital equity, inclusion, diversity and accessibility in the XR space. Email us to be added to our Community XR network!

Technology & Equipment

We provide low-cost, sliding scale VR Toolkits, equipment, workshops and customized training programs for non-profit, arts, media and cultural organizations, libraries, government and media makers. We offer free tutorial and resources for all. Email us for a customized quote.

Education & Training

We provide training, workshop, classes, equipment, residencies, cohorts, internships, content, and community in the VR/AR space. Email Erin Kinney for a customized quote.

XR In the Public Interest

We believe that VR/AR should be used in the public’s interest, not just for commercial products. We believe that 3D spatial computing is a major media shift that all creators and residents should understand, have access to, and to create and experience immersive media content without paywalls or requiring expensive equipment or motion capture labs. NGOs and educators should be able to easily and effectively use these tools for the public good. Email us for information about our tools, presenters and resources of the Lab.

Join us in the new world of emerging, experiential, spatial and embodied storytelling and media!

Join us in the new world of emerging, experiential, spatial and embodied storytelling and media!

Get Involved!

Join the Public VR Lab Community! Become a member of BIG & the Public VR Lab. Sign up for a tour, a VR demo, partner with us, take classes and workshops, make a donation, create content, teach others, or meet with our team to talk about your traditional or emerging media creative goals.

View our facility in a VR headset, teleport through our space online, or visit us in person at 46 Tappan St. on the third floor of the Unified Arts Building, located next to the Brookline Hills T stop, in Brookline, MA!

Our Boston-area Location:  The Public VR Lab is a project of Brookline Interactive Group (BIG), a next-generation community media center located at 46 Tappan Street in Brookline, MA. Get directions here.

Please shoot us an email or give us a call to let us know if you’re interested in an orientation tour of the Public VR Lab, a training or demo’ing VR, which we do most Wednesdays from 5-8pm, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Erin Kinney at brookline interactive [dot] org is a great first contact at BIG and the Lab. She can sign you up for a tour, a class, an orientation, and show you how to check out and reserve equipment.

Hours: We are open from 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on Friday.

We are also open one Saturday a month, usually the second Saturday of the month, from 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m, where we often host classes and Hackathons for Boston VR and other partner organizations.

Call, email or tweet at us to see what is happening this month at the Public VR Lab!

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